When the guns fell silent in 1918 we set ourselves a task never to forget those men and boys who gave all so we may live free and secure.

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Block Bench Table - 1800mm


Block Benching 

A classic and effective design for a wide range of uses.


Block benching is great for social interaction, its a great way to bring everyone together.


They are suitable for many areas such a school canteens, learning enviroments, breakout areas, or coffee lounges. 

Using block benching offers relaxation, communication and fun. 

Not only are the great for large areas but also for homes and gardens. 

Choosing block benching answers all your questions, it is cost effective, solid, sturdy bench tables and seating. 

They are super strong and long lasting which is perfect for places such as canteens and libraries

They are also offered in a wide range of popular colours in a laminated surface which means they are easy clean surfaces, one wipe! job done.

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